Sick and Tired

I woke up today in such a shitty mood! Nothing bad happened. No one thing made me mad. I just woke up thinking… ugh. I’ve had a borderline sinus infections for the past week and have been nauseated as hell because of the antibiotics my doctor prescribed. And every single step towards productivity feels like it’s being made in quick sand… I’m tired before my day even starts. And my coffee this morning tastes like shit.

The boys grandparents (the ones who typically get them regularly) are going through some things and won’t be able to get them for the foreseeable future… so I’m trudging my way through quicksand with no freaking relief in site. I need to start thinking about how I’m going to get a mental health break here and there so that I don’t totally loose my shit before it’s all over with. Because having breaks is pretty much the only reason I’m still standing.

It’s 9:44am and I can barely keep my eyes open. I’ve been taking double the amount of vitamins that I typically take this week to try to give myself more energy. But the fact still remains that being sick and a single parent sucks ass. BJ has a project that has to be complete tomorrow. So that’s what we’ll be working on this evening… and tomorrow is Friday. Which basically means nothing when weekends are neither fun nor anything remotely resembling a break.

I need a bright spot. Something to look forward to… but… I’ve got nothing. And may have nothing for the foreseeable future. Depressing huh? This is life.




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