Bedtime Blues…

BJ hasn’t slept through the night since he came home from the hospital. Sure, he’ll have the occasional night here and there but consecutively sleeping through the night has not been his thing. It occurred to me this morning after a particularly rough night that we’ve been waking up throughout the night with BJ for the past two years. I have been sleep deprived for TWO YEARS. I stayed at home with BJ for his first year… so this wasn’t as much of an issue then but now I’m back at and work I feel it. My body feels it.

I’ll admit it, it’s completely our fault. BJ fought the weight gaining battle that most preemies fought. We fortified his breast milk with protein and formula for extra calories. We monitored his weight gain and cheered at every once. So when he woke up at night to eat we gladly fed him. When his pediatrician told us we no longer had to give him a night time bottle we continued to do so because I was scared his weight would drop. Well now, at two years old he still wakes up for his “sippy”.

So here’s the big question… the biggest question in my life right now. How the heck do we make this stop? I want off this rollercoaster ride!! We could let him cry it out. There are studies that argue both sides of that method. We could slowly wean him off of the cup at night. But, for some reason I think my little boy would just pitch a fit when he ran out too fast. Or we can continue to wake up feeling like zombies until he’s older and can understand exactly what we tell him. I have googled a million articles and read a million posts on mommy boards but I just can’t figure out what to do here. I’m stuck. We recently switched his bed from a crib to a toddler bed so now I’ve added the fear of him getting out of bed and crying at his door to the list. What do we do here? Can my body take another year of night time sippy cup cries, another year of going to bed early in case he has a “bad night?” I’d like to add some normalcy to my bed time routine. I’d like to be okay with staying up late to finish a good book without being scared that I’ll fall asleep at midnight and BJ will wake up at 12:30am. I’d like to hang out with my husband after BJ goes to sleep for an hour or two without running to bed right after I put him down. How long can my life revolve around my son’s sleeping schedule (or lack thereof)?”

After the night I had last night I don’t think we can take it much longer. We created this night time hell so alas we have to deal with it…

But how?

3 Replies to “Bedtime Blues…”

  1. I’m going through this now. I’ve read so many things about giving them water, letting them cry, or they’ll eventually sleep through the night when they’re ready. I personally can’t imagine not giving my child his sippy cup when he wakes up….but there needs to be an end to the madness. Well I know I didn’t help but I certainly feel your pain.

    1. It’s so hard!!! He wakes up wanting it… and since he’s so young it’s hard to tell whether or not he’s thirsty or just wanting it out of habit. I’d never want to deny him something to drink if he was actually thirsty. It’s a slippery slope. I’m not sure how or when we’ll get off of it. But good luck to you!!

  2. My son is almost 21 months and still wakes up multiple times a night. He’s slept 6 hours straight a handful of times in his life. He wakes for water, to go pee, to nurse. The inlaws have told me to let him cry – but the kid needs to go to the toilet for goodness sake! I’m not going to make him wet himself just because I don’t want to get up. I didn’t sleep through until I was 2.5 so I guess we just never expected him to either. Even prebaby I would wake up a lot at night so I guess some people just aren’t good sleepers.

    We still cosleep and I find that’s the way I get the most sleep possible. I figure in another couple of years he’ll be able to go to the toilet and get water on his own. Lol.

    Fortunately I’m still at home with him so I don’t have the added difficulty of going to work.

    It is tough though, I feel you! Nice to know I’m not alone in this though.

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