Chance Encounter…

I ran into two people at the walk Saturday who follow my blog. It was a pleasant surprise. One was referred to it by one of BJ’s primary nurses, Kristina. Nurse Kristina crossed the line from nurse to friend while BJ was still in the NICU and told her new primary about my blog. She thought it would be a good read (and I hope it was). The other was a person recognized the picture on our shirts from my post about The March of Dimes and introduced herself.
Those two chance meetings confirmed what I’d been hoping all along. That writing about our NICU journey could actually help someone who is or has gone through a situation similar to ours. I got a chance to chat with the first mom for the better part of a mile. We talked about our experiences and she told me how her little boy (who is still in the NICU) is doing. I really enjoyed talking to her and telling her about how our little guy is doing. She saw BJ and was able to ask questions about how he was doing and we chatted about some of our struggles in and out of the NICU. Hopefully her being able to put a face to another 24 weeker gave her some hope and a little extra strength for the rest of her NICU roller coaster ride.
The other person I met walked up to me at the family team’s tent. She was wearing a shirt with four names on it. FOUR!! She told us who the names signified and told us that a family member of hers has been in the NICU for the past two months, she was born weighing less than a pound. I wasn’t able to talk with her long but was so happy to meet her. With all of the chaos and exhaustion (the five mile walk wore me out!!) I wasn’t even able to get her name.
If by chance either of you stumbles upon this post, please know that I’m praying for both babies. I was incredibly happy to meet you and please feel free to contact me anytime. Hugs to you both!

4 Replies to “Chance Encounter…”

  1. I love reading your blog! It helps me understand what you all go through, too! Because no one understands what its like to go through without actually doing it! It’s not a fun journey. It’s making me a better nurse for those sweet babies!

  2. What a kind gesture to mention me (mom #2) in your blog. I hoping my younger sister will take heed and follow your blog as well. It could really make a difference in what she is experiencing with her 24 weeker that’s still in the NICU We should really get the boys together for a play
    date some times. Keep up the good work of helping preemie parents one word at a time.

    1. Hi Tanya!!! I can’t believe I didn’t see this post earlier!! It was so great to meet you! How is your niece?? She and your sister have been in my prayers. What a wonderful coincidence that we ran into each other. If I’m not mistake did you mention that you had a non profit?? Or another organization of the sort?? I’d love to hear more about it. We preemie moms have to stick together!!😊
      Please keep in touch. Happy Mothers Day!!!

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