Now I’m a liar


I’m going to veer away from my mushy “I love being a mommy” posts today to let inform the world (or the two people who follow my blog) that my family has entered potty training HELL.

At this point everyone I know has already enlightened me to the fact that boys are harder to potty train than girls. Point noted. I am fully aware of this fact. However, I think we may have a bigger issue going on right now. My child has decided he REFUSES to use the potty unless he’s at home on HIS potty. At this point I believe his daycare thinks my husband and I are nothing but two bit liars. When they asked “does he tell you he has to go potty” we proudly said “Yes!” Has he gone number two? “Yes!” we replied. So off we began on the potty training journey…

This morning his teacher pulled me to the side because she wanted to “talk.” Every parent dreads when a teacher wants to “talk” to them. They don’t EVER want to just talk. Ever. She informed me that my child will not tell them when he has to go. In fact, he has not gone on the potty at all since they’ve been working with him. Of course I was adamant that he was using it at home. I told her I had no idea why he wasn’t going at day care. I could read the message loud and clear in her beady little eyes, she might as well have shouted it… “Liar.” The more I talked the more unbelieving I felt she became. Thou dost protest too much.

At this point I’m not sure what to do. She told me she was going to stop putting him in his underwear during the day and go back to pull ups. This was something that my husband I had discussed the night before and agreed that we’d tell them to do. But, somehow her saying it made me feel like crap. Like I’d failed in the “mother” department… I’d already been lectured before we started potty training that we all needed to work together. They’d given us a kumbaya speech about how if we worked hand in hand it could be done. He’d be potty trained in no time! But, today I felt our hands disconnecting.

I’m sure we all have these moments… and I’m sure my child will not be 5 years old wearing pull ups. He’ll get it in his own time. But today,

potty training-1, mommy- 0.


2 Replies to “Now I’m a liar”

  1. lol….that really brings back memories when our daycare teacher told us the same thing. From dissappointment to digust…..and every emotion in between, I felt it all. Hindsight, she wasn’t saying he wasn’t smart enough nor that I wasn’t capable of getting him there, merely that he needed more time. So ha, after a year of good potty habits from our 4 year old (with a few mishaps here and there), I now understand. And while I do think there’s some truth to the boys are harder than girls idea, I also think the child’s personality plays a big role in the timing too.

  2. Personality… and don’t our boys have a lot of that?? LOL!! Patience has not been a strong trait of mine so I’m sure I’m putting more pressure on myself than there needs to be. He’ll get it when he wants to. BJ does everything when he’s ready and not a moment sooner or later. I should know that by now.

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