Happy Father’s Day… I’m back!!

As some of you may have noticed, I took a little break from blogging. Things got a little hectic and I needed to figure out the best way take care of everything on my plate. That meant letting a couple of things fall through the cracks. But, alas, I’m back, recharged and ready to put more of my asinine and sometimes (probably more often than not) ramblings back out into the blogisphere. I must admit I missed it!! But when the choice was between blogging and sleep… well… sleep won.

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and it was our first “official” Father’s Day as a married couple. BJ is 2 years old so this wasn’t our first Father’s Day but for some reason things feel a little different doing things now that we’re married.

So anyways, yesterday was our first official Father’s Day. I must admit it was EXHAUSTING. I purchased a gift for him on last Friday but it felt like I ran nonstop all day yesterday. I cooked a huge breakfast. We all sat down as a family and ate (which we don’t do often enough)… I did homework for graduate school and then it seemed like it was time to cook dinner again… I followed dinner up with the finishing touches on a project for school and then at around 1am it was off to bed.

My reward? My hubby told me that this was his best Father’s Day EVER!! He’s not a real “holiday” person (unlike me). And this wasn’t his second Father’s Day. I believe I’ve mentioned before that Dear Hubby has been married before and has a daughter from his previous marriage. My daughter in love was there yesterday too. I felt awesome to be able to show him the kind of Father’s Day I’ve always known. His family doesn’t have a ton of family traditions so it’s always been important to me that those kinds of things aren’t lost.

Dear Hubby has been an amazing source of support to me and is one of the best Father’s I know. The love I see when he looks at BJ makes my heart melt and I know he’d do ANYTHING to protect, provide and be there for us. One day out of the year doesn’t seem like enough…

I work hard at not taking people for granted as you may have read in my post Flowers For the living  and this was another day to focus on showing hubby how much I love and adore him. Hears to many more!!

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