Time flies…

So many things have changed this past year. It’s been chaotic, busy, sad, happy… full of so many new memories. I think with every milestone that passes I’m slightly surprised that we made it through intact. The anticipation is usually harder than the actual day. But some days, mainly Byron’s birthday, knock me completely off of my feet.

I’m learning how to live again… I’m forcing myself to participate in life so that my boys can live the life they deserve. B2 will be turning 1 next week. And the happy/sad, eager/anxious, gut wrenching/heart warming mixture of emotions that I had at his birth are returning…  but we’ll make it through as always.

I feel like Byron would be proud of the way I’ve handled things. I’m continuing our journey… raising our gentlemen like we said we would. I know he’d approve of the decisions I’ve made and would want me to pursue joy when joy is hard to find.

Just checking back in… still fighting.

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