A smidge of clarity

I remember being so angry after Byron died. I couldn’t understand why God would bless us with a baby and then take Byron before he even got a chance to meet him, or hold him… or kiss him. I felt like God let me get inches away from my dream life only to snatch it away from us. And I grieved for BJ more than I grieved for myself. His best friend and super man was gone. His wrestling partner and his favorite person was gone. 

Last night as BJ was walking into the dining room while being shadowed by B2 it hit me. That was the reason… what I was witnessing was the reason. God didn’t just bless me with B2… in his infinite wisdom He sent B2 to comfort BJ. They are so incredibly close. And B2 loves his “brudder” more than I knew a two year old had the capacity to. BJ lost his best friend in the form of a father but he gained a new best friend in the form of a brother 6 months later. And he takes his role so seriously.

I thank GOD for that. Prayerfully time brings them even closer. 

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