At the end of the day…

There’s one period of time during the day that always feels the loneliest. It’s the time right after I put the boys down for bed. That’s the period of time I should be going to join my husband on the couch and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s the time you talk about your day, your irritating coworker, your plans for the next day… The funny thing you son did. And it’s the time the two halves of the team get together to strategize how to win the game.

For me now, it’s the time I plop my exhausted self into bed, surf the net and try not to think about the fact that I have to do it all again the next day. It’s the time when it’s not very respectable to call married friend’s houses (they’re doing the things I previously mentioned), so it’s often the most isolating time. It’s the time of day I think about how much I miss being loved… How much I miss having someone to talk things out with…. I miss being a team, in a bed, at the end of the day…

And I pray lightening strikes twice.

Still fighting.

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