Making a list and checking it twice

So now that I’m trying to un-clutter my bogged down brain I’ve begun making lists again. I used to LIVE by lists when I first met Byron. I have always had a forgetful spirit but at the same time been a smidgen of a perfectionist. Oddly enough, as life got crazier I got more lax about keeping track of things instead of the opposite of grasping the reigns tighter.

So last night after B2 fell out of his new big boy bed and woke me up screaming I decided to start making lists again (I couldn’t go back to sleep). I remember when I first moved in with Byron. I’d decided that we were going to do a complete overhaul of our house. I had a baby on the way and wanted everything to be just so when we got him home (that did NOT happen lol). So I made a list. My list was two pages front and back and almost drove my then boyfriend insane. I would take my list out at night when he was laying in bed watching ESPN and say… “hey baby lets look and see where we’re at on the list.” I think back on those times and my neurotic tendencies and smile… Lord that man must have loved me not to have pushed me off the bed and ripped up that list. It was pure, utter, hormonal, OCD driven insanity. So when he came home to me covered in saw dust holding his circular saw ripping built in book shelves out the wall… he only irritatingly told me that I could have cut my arm off because that wasn’t the right kind of saw, took it away and then hired someone to finish my hack job. I digress… the lists.

I’m going to try to retrain my thinking a bit. And go back to old Kris. It used to work… and what I’m doing now is not. I’ve dusted off my organizer, and putting my thoughts on paper. Mentally healthier and happier is the goal… We’ll talk about physically another day.


#fightingmyassoff lists

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