My sunshine… on a rainy day turns 6.

I’m a little late with this post.. as I’m a little late with most things that I do. But… better late than never. B2 turned SIX this month!!! I was in my feelings (the boys milestones always hit a little different) but this year there was a little added anxiety. This year I realized B2 is a birthday kid. By “birthday kid” I mean that he will probably grow up to be one of those people who celebrates their birthday the entire month and wants to do it BIG every year. He asked me almost every day for the month leading to his birthday how many more days he had left. He wanted to know if he was going to get any presents. He told anybody who would listen that his birthday was coming up. He REMINDED people to get him something. My big boy was into his birthday in a way BJ never really is… The pressure was on. My original plan has always been no big birthday parties after they turn 5. No more party rentals, or bounce house places, or insanely priced shindigs… just a couple friends to spend the night, some pizza and maybe a trip to go go-carting or something. After 5 we keep it simple.

Welp… as with everything else that’s happened in 2020, my original plan went out the window. No sleep over, no trip to a fun place… nothing. We were keeping it safe and socially distancing. So I decided to throw him a birthday parade. We’ve been seeing parades since the shut down happened and had also been in one, so I kind of knew the drill. I hired a company to sign our yard with Happy 6th Birthday Cards, I hired another person to create a big 6 made out of balloons for the front yard and I gave everybody a time to arrive at a church up the street where they’d pull in the parking lot and line up. I bought matching t-shirts for the three of us and my parents. And I premade signs so that no one would have to make them. I provided air horns and silly string and balloons to tie on their cars and asked them to drive past the house and honk and yell and wave. I tried to think of everything so that things would run smoothly. However, an hour before the parade was supposed to start IT STARTED RAINING.

My heart sunk. It didn’t just rain it POURED, the wind blew and thunder clapped. And none of that was on the weather radar the day before. People started calling to ask if we were still having it and to say they were sitting on the side of the road because they couldn’t see in front of them. When I tell you it was pouring it was really really coming down. I told everyone yes come on… and you know what? They did!! And the rain eventually stopped. Our friends and family showed up and they honked and yelled out the window. B2 stood in the driveway waiving and smiling and dancing, he was ELATED. They handed presents out their car windows and my best friends, mom and I handed the parade goers cupcakes and gift bags. There was a point where strangers who didn’t know us slowed down to stop wave and hand B2 money to say happy birthday. Some of our parade riders came in from Far North Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth and Mesquite not many lived close… and the level of gratitude I have for them is immeasurable. These people drove through a storm to ride around the block two times and wish my baby happy birthday. Just typing that brings tears to my eyes.

The parade took a total of about 45 minutes. The quickest birthday party ever. We began taking things in the house and cleaning up… and wouldn’t you know it? The rain returned. We pulled it off just in the nick of time.

I’m trying to take notice of all of the beautiful moments that come while parenting. Even if it sometimes occurs as momentary breaks of happiness in the middle of a storm…


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