My weekend

This weekend was a weekend that I would normally feel wasn’t productive. I only finished half of my cleaning and about a fourth of the laundry. BJ kept me on my toes and also decided to refuse to leave my side no matter how hard I tried to bribe him with crayons, movies and his favorite toys. I know this isn’t the preferred method of parenting but the fact of the matter is that having a toddler trailing you while you’re moping floors isn’t super productive. 
Anyways, I digress.  I got nothing done that I’d hoped to check off of my never ending to do list and I was feeling like this weekend was a flop.  Until I came in from the grocery store and found my husband wrestling with BJ. I walked through the door into a home filled with squeals of laughter and my perspective changed. This weekend was great. I got to spend the weekend with BJ by side. I was BLESSED to spend an entire weekend hanging with my favorite person under 6ft tall and that’s what weekends are for.
I work full time and STRUGGLE to get it all done, fit it all in and make everything happen. I’m a neat freak and a compulsive doer. I’m always doing something… working towards something or fixing things. Sometimes with a personality like mine it’s easy to focus on that list of what hasn’t been done. It’s a blessing and a curse. I am always making improvements somewhere but I’m always feeling like nothings ever finished. There’s always one ball still in the air.
But this afternoon, I thank God for a split second of clarity. A chance to hit the pause button, take my shoes off, leave the laundry where it lays and enjoy time with my family. Uninterrupted time. Not my usual in and out, clean the kitchen back to the den… mop the floor hang out for a few more minutes time.
Time flies… minutes, months and years. And when BJ thinks back on his life growing up he’ll never say that his house was the most organized… But he’ll for darn sure say his house was filled with love, laughter and parents who always had time for him. This is a lesson I’m sure I’ll have to remind myself about when my type A personality starts to take charge. But I’m happy it clicked today and hope it continues to do so…  Happy Sunday folks. Mine was.

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