5 years

So… it’s been 5 years. 5 YEARS. And in those 5 years I’ve…

Moved, had our baby boy, BJ has started Kindergarten and is now is 2nd grade. The boys have begun sports and have played (football, soccer and basketball). I left the company I was working at and am now on my 3rd job. I’ve been a team mom, been to Vegas, New Orleans and Canada… and camping. I have taken the boys to the country every summer and the boys have been to the beach twice and ridden a fairy once. I’ve done all the firsts with B2… first haircut, first steps, first words, first day of daycare, first big boy bed… and next year first day of kindergarten… BJ was Baptised this month. And in between all of that… all of those many many milestones and accomplishments. Regardless of all of the growth and forward movement… some days… I still can’t believe it all happened. I still can’t believe I’m creating this world, and molding this little family, and giving these boys these experiences… without Byron.

Life has to move forward. The only thing constant is change… I decided a while ago I was ready to embrace my new normal. I can’t recreate the past… I can only create a future that I love. Filled with love. We’ve made it so far… And I’m so thankful for the blessing that is my life right now. I know nothing is promised… and because of that knowledge I’m so very grateful for every single thing, opportunity, and person in my world that brings me joy. Nothing lasts forever…

All we have is now… and then memories. I’m working right now to make great memories. 5 years from now… who knows what (or who)  I’ll be able to add to my list.


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