To my boys

Hey boys,

I’ve never written you a joint letter before but I thought I’d give it a try today. BJ you are 7 right now and B2 you’re 3 years old. Christmas will be here in a few days and your level of energy and enthusiasm for life is amazing and exhausting. Right now B2, you are so incredibly head strong. It’s hilarious to watch you walk around like you own the place (sometimes you do). And BJ you make my heart melt with the love you have for your brother. B2 is always saying “play with me” and then running and telling on you when you don’t. And then you (though sometimes begrudgingly) will slowly get up and go play. You let him win because you realize he is small. But you’re tough enough on him for him to respect you as his big brother.

Right now you are sleeping in the same room. B2, last summer you started asking if you could “sleep with Brudder” and I told you I’d move your bed in soon… neither of you let me forget it. So now, for the foreseeable future you two share a room. I need to think of what to do with the second spare room because it doesn’t look like this set up is going to change. B2 you don’t like being separated from BJ AT ALL. If we drop BJ off at football practice you ask when we are going to go pick him up from the moment we leave.

I love the way yall love each other and I hope it never changes. You’re all you’ve got. I tell you that when you argue or when you’re mean to each other but it’s so true. You’re it… my prayer is that you remain close and you always “have each other’s backs.” BJ I always tell you that when I’m not there you’re to keep an eye out for him. And then you’ll ask me “and when he gets bigger he’ll keep an eye out for me?” my answer to that question is always yes. My biggest fear is that something happens to me. You’d end up parent-less. Sure, Mema and Bigdaddy and Papa and Grandmommy will take care of you. But most importantly I want y’all to cling to each other. I want you to grow up knowing and feeling that if no one in the world has your back your brother does. Be your brother’s keeper boys. Tell each other you love each other like you do now. Don’t let anyone or anything come between you.

I love you both, I’m proud of you both. Ya’ll are both the reason I get up each day and continue fighting… I can’t wait to watch the both of you grow and mature. I can’t image you making me any happier than you already do…

And never forget our affirmations:

“You are smart

You are handsome

You are a leader not a follower

You are a child of God

You are LOVED”.



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