Still Fighting


At this moment in time life is steady and almost routine. I’m not complaining at all about that because I think there’s comfort in routine. I’ve been working and enjoying time off from being a football mom. But kind of looking forward to the excitement of our next football season as crazy as that sounds. I’ve also been thinking (dreaming) about my purpose and ways to figure out what exactly that is. I’m thinking about taking a course to see if I can pin point my strengths and weaknesses and then I’ll go from there. Self reflection and growth is never a bad thing right? I don’t have any complaints and I know my little family is blessed beyond measure but it never hurts to aspire to grow.

Speaking of growth… I’m now a greeter at my church! I started the year off with a desire to become closer on my walk with God. I’ve wanted to serve in some capacity for a while but juggling the boys and service times just never seemed doable. Until recently. They’ll go to children’s church and I’ll greet for one service on one Sunday out of the month. Finally, a way to give back. I’m a friendly person and mostly always smiling so now I can use those traits to welcome people to God’s house on Sundays and I’m excited about that.

I sometimes struggle with wanting to do and be more and feeling like I should be happy with what I’ve been blessed with and be okay with where I’m at. I think… there’s a possibility that I can do both. And that’s what I’m working on. Looking towards the future while appreciating the present, growing while appreciating how far I’ve come, accepting that I’m not in control of anything in my life (God is) but not being scared to hope for more.

It’s January, a new year and a fresh start with twelve whole months of new chapters to fill.


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